Team Based Sharing of Patient Charts

Large healthcare organizations, regions and Family Health Teams must be able to share patient health charts, securely. Accuro Data Sharing allows Healthcare Providers to share patient records between partner clinics securely and efficiently while increasing productivity and enhancing patient safety. Access to meaningful patient data is creating a revolution in healthcare treatment and management to promote better outcomes.

  • Stay Current

    Temporary Providers and Specialists can view “Read Only” Patient charts, test results, and history and send back their notes to the Primary Provider.

  • Security

    Share patient records with colleagues quickly and securely, all within PIPEDA guidelines

  • Privacy

    All sensitive data, like billing, tasks, messaging and audit logs, remain private

  • Patient Safety

    Improve patient safety with instant access to current prescriptions, doses, and any potential drug conflicts

  • Control

    Choose what you share with other Healthcare Providers. Temporary Providers send back encounter notes and prescriptions, and the Primary Provider approves what gets added to the patient chart.


Gain a network of peers and enjoy more efficient workflows when you utilize Patient Data Sharing from Accuro EMR software.

  • "A lot of my doctors are living out of town. In an instance when they are covering for another doctor in the clinic, they can access Accuro chart and know exactly what the situation is and provide better care right at that moment." DIANNE PENZVALTO   |   MANAGER FACILITIES & IT

Share patient files securely with Accuro Data Sharing

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