The evolution starts here.
We were born from ingenuity and built on innovation. We’re a trusted partner and valued supporter. We speak to our users simply and clearly, and we inspire confidence in a world of complexity. We’re Accuro, and this is us today.

After nearly two decades in Canadian healthcare, Accuro is a recognized name with an established history. So why take our brand in this new direction? Because growth comes with change. Not change for its own sake but change that reflects a fresh vision and bold modernization. We’re looking forward, and where our technology leads, our brand should follow.

So what does the new Accuro represent? The best of our solutions and our identity.

It’s the power to get things done. It’s complex tools that deliver efficient simplicity. It’s caring about the people who use our products and acting with integrity. It’s where we’re going—and it’s going to be great.

Get ready.

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    “By making meaningful changes to Accuro and looking ahead to future improvements, we’re adding real value without sacrificing users’ experience. I believe the new Accuro branding reflects that precision and balance.”
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    “Accuro has evolved to meet our customers’ expectations, and this reimagining of the brand mirrors our vision of its future in the market.”
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    “Our new identity will encompass all the touchpoints for our brand, from our website and customer communications to the look and function of our software. We want every person who interacts with us to feel the inspiration behind it.”
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    “The anticipated synergy between all departments during this next chapter in Accuro’s story has me excited, as we embark upon our modernization efforts and launch a new look. I can’t wait to see the results of our collaboration.”
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    “Accuro is at an inflection point in terms of brand and experience. With renewed focus toward human-centred design strategies, I believe the outcome will be a future-resilient product that empowers the healthcare professionals taking care of Canadians.”
The road to now.
From local start-up to national game-changer, Accuro began as an idea and became a new way to approach healthcare.
  • 2002First line of code written

  • 2004QHR Acquires Accuro, launches in AB

  • 2006Accuro launches in SK & MB

  • 2009Accuro launches in ON

  • 2014Accuro brand refresh

  • 2016Loblaw acquires QHR

  • 2021Accuro Modernization & Rebrand begins

Brand Guidelines
Our brand is our way of reaching our clients
Here’s everything you need to know about maintaining Accuro’s brand voice and visual identity across applications.