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Your Clinic, Your Business

By Mike Checkley

In the same way that diet and exercise play an important role in the health of a body, the business tools you use in your practice play an important role in the health of your clinic. By improving efficiency and minimizing waste, you can ensure your business thrives, your doors stay open, and you can continue delivering care to the patients who need you.

Making it easier to succeed

We understand how important it is to have the right tools to succeed, so we’ve equipped AccuroEMR with features designed to make the business side of your practice run as smoothly as the care side.

In this edition of CONNECT, we discuss how Query Builder can be used to identify patients with complex care needs, helping you find and leverage missed billing opportunities.

We highlight the suite of features in our Accuro Engage add-on that makes managing and growing your business easier in the new healthcare environment. You'll discover how Video VisitsPatient Messaging, and Online Booking & Notifications can help you redistribute your clinic resources more effectively, promote clinic offerings, inform and empower your patients, and boost revenue while reducing expenses.

This month's Learning Central video gives you shortcuts and time-savers to help you work faster, and we give a quick shout-out to our Practice Consultants, whose knowledge of Accuro can make a huge difference in your day-to-day workflows.

Your investment in Accuro, and everything it offers, is an investment in the health of your clinic. And in the long run, it’s an investment that means you can do more for your patients no matter what the future brings.


Leading the Way:

Accuro Efficiencies for a Healthy Clinic

There’s no question that Accuro makes healthcare delivery easier, from organizing patient information and accessing ready-to-use forms to managing clinic traffic and communicating with pharmacies in an instant. But did you know that Accuro can also be a vital tool in keeping the business side of your practice running smoothly? Here are some of the ways you can boost efficiencies for a healthier clinic.

Query Builder

Accuro’s Query Builder can be used to identify patients that can or should be billed for regularly, including those with chronic illnesses and those who require INR monitoring. By identifying these patients and running a Create Bill action on a regular basis, you can optimize the billing you’re required to submit.

Query Builder can also be used to create Appointment Summary reports. At tax time, many patients request a list of their appointments for tax return purposes, and running a query for this information saves writing the information out by hand.

Learn more about making the most of Query Builder at our free webinar:

Query Builder Webinar

Accuro Engage

While patients are enjoying the convenience of Accuro Engage, its features can also help your clinic see more time-savings and greater efficiency.

Video Visits lets you expand your patient base beyond your immediate clinic area while minimizing in-person appointments; this reduces the time needed for cleaning and sanitizing between patients. With Patient Messaging, you can send a single mass message to promote services like vaccination clinics or announce changes to your clinic hours, keeping patients better informed. And Online Booking & Notifications lets patients request appointments online, cutting your staff’s time on the phone, while sending automatic appointment reminders to reduce no-shows.

Every clinic’s workflows and practices are unique, so if you’re not sure which Accuro tools will benefit your clinic the most, let your Practice Consultant help. They’re an invaluable resource when it comes to maximizing your results. Find the Practice Consultant for your region by calling 1-866-454-4681, and unlock Accuro’s business-smart potential.

Learn More

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Supporting Your Success

As Practice Consultants, our purpose is to help you take full advantage of the power of Accuro to support both your clinical workflows and your business goals.

Ready to put this total practice management system to work in your clinic? Call us at 1-866-454-4681 to get in touch with the Practice Consultant for your region. We’re here to help you work better.

Learning Central:

Making it Easier to do More

When time is at a premium, streamlining small tasks can make a big difference. This month's Learning Central video takes you through keyboard shortcuts that cut down on mousing, tips for searching in Accuro, and generating and saving reports to help organize your data.

did you know image

Compared to pre-pandemic usage, the number of video visits conducted through Medeo/Accuro Engage has increased by about 1000%!

Ready to bring the power of virtual care to your clinic? Visit Accuro Engage - Accuro EMR and discover a better way to connect.


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