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Lakeside Medical Clinic has reduced incoming calls by 9.3% in their first 6 months using Patient Messaging, Online Booking, and Notifications. This has resulted in their staff saving almost 200 hours previously spent reminding patients of their upcoming appointments through phone calls.
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Accuro Engage Features
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Launch secure Video Visits right from Accuro. See patients online to renew prescriptions, show test results with screen sharing, or conduct quick video follow-ups from anywhere with an internet connection.

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Send secure, text-style messages instead of calling. Do a quick check-in, ask about symptoms, or share test results and documents directly from the chart. You can also send mass messages for clinic announcements.

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Patients request an appointment from their device without waiting on hold, and clinic staff confirms in Accuro calendar.

decorative image or iconAppointment Notifications

Included with all features and bundles at no extra cost! Patients receive an email reminder 24 hours before their in-person or video appointment time, reducing no-shows and eliminating holes in your schedule.

"I did a follow-up consult virtually and asked the patient what would've been different if she'd had to come to the office. She said, ‘I would've had to get a babysitter, drive 20 minutes to your office, pay for parking, and wait in the office to receive the same information.' We don’t appreciate the disruption to patients' busy lives [when we] unnecessarily bring them into the office. They appreciate when we respect their time and offer them secure, convenient delivery of their care."

Dr. David Smith
General Surgeon

How does Accuro Engage benefit patients?

When a provider uses Accuro Engage, patients can experience a direct line of communication with them through a free patient app called Medeo.

In the Medeo app, patients can:

  • Connect with their provider through virtual appointments when they’re unable to make it to the clinic.
  • View their clinic’s booking calendar and request an appointment in their preferred time slot without needing to call the front desk.
  • Exchange secure messages, see test results, and share files and photos with their provider when a quick check-in is all that’s needed.
  • Upload, save, and organize important health documents in their Medeo account and create a digital health file they can access whenever and wherever they need it.
  • Use My Care Circle to invite friends, family, or caregivers to participate in their health activities. Because having someone to help manage it all can make a world of a difference.
Accuro Engage Bundle Pricing

Appointment Notifications are included with all features and bundles at no extra cost!
Patients receive an automatic email reminder 24 hours before their in-person or video appointment time, reducing no-shows and eliminating holes in your schedule.

$68.25/ month
  • Patient Messaging
  • Online Booking
Boost clinic efficiency and revenue, with fewer no-shows and less staff time on the phone.

$84.00/ month

  • Patient Messaging
  • Video Visits
Expand your work flexibility by reaching patients from anywhere, with Video Visits and secure Patient Messaging.
Best Value!
$94.50/ month
  • Patient Messaging
  • Online Booking
  • Video Visits
Maximize clinic efficiencies for both physicians and staff, while extending care options to your patients.
À la Carte Pricing Options
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7000+ Accuro customers are using Patient Messaging
5500+ Accuro customers are using Patient Messaging
  • Patient Messaging & Notifications
$39.90/ month
  • Online Booking & Notifications
$39.90/ month
Putting Accuro Engage to Work
Discover a faster, more convenient path to collaborative care with Accuro Engage. In this free Accuro Engage webinar recording, you’ll learn how a clinic can use Online Booking, Patient Messaging, and Video Visits to connect with their patients directly through Accuro.
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