System Requirements

As announced in February 2021, QHR Technologies is moving all clients to Accuro Cloud to provide you with the best possible security, products, and services. Accuro run on local clinic servers and Accuro ASP are now at End-of-Sale. Requirements and transition to Cloud steps for each system are provided below.
Cloud System Requirements & Downloads
I launch Accuro from...
My login page looks like...
Local System Requirements & Downloads
I launch Accuro from...

a file or shortcut on my computer.

My login page looks like...

Comparison of features by platform

The Methods for Remote Access (ability to access Accuro from any internet connection) include the following:

Access Via






Full Accuro program login through open_in_new . This method of access has Multi-Factor Authentication, unlimited data capacity, no server upgrades or maintenance, and access to Accuro from anywhere.

For more information about Accuro Cloud see the Accuro Cloud Onboarding webpage open_in_new .

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A free mobile Provider application available for iOS and Android devices that lets you access key features, such as taking/uploading photos and making calls without caller ID, on your smartphone or tablet from anywhere with an internet connection. 

For more information, visit ACCUROgo - Getting Started open_in_new .

app store
play store

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Full Accuro program launched through open_in_new  with the Citrix application. 

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Full Accuro program launched through the Internet. It requires high-speed internet access and must be launched from a workstation level computer (see the Workstation requirements at the top of this page).

To use Accuro Web, Java Version 8 must be downloaded from open_in_new . Choose the applicable download for Windows or MacOS.

For more information, visit Install - Accuro Web and Mobile open_in_new .

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Desktop (Microsoft)

Microsoft Windows Desktop Access.
Not directly supported by QHR, but a popular method of remote access and requires a terminal server or user-specific workstations.

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Accuro USB is no longer offered or supported  as of January 31, 2022.
Full Accuro Web program with all of the files needed on the USB key.

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