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We built Accuro to support and enhance all levels of your Alberta practice, from daily workflows to patient care to administrative management. Join the nearly 3,000 Alberta Healthcare Providers already using Accuro and discover what Canada’s largest single-platform EMR can do for your clinic.
Workflows made for Alberta:
  • Digitize your local provincial forms with Accuro's Form Editor
  • Receive local support from reliable data centers in Calgary and Toronto
  • Get Alberta Health Services lab and diagnostic imaging results directly in Accuro
  • Complete a note in seconds with Accuro Clickable Words technology
  • Manage Alberta billing claims, find errors, reconcile, and re-submit, all from one screen
  • Enjoy Alberta- and Specialty-specific forms provided at no extra cost, configured for your workflows by an Accuro Implementation Specialist
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Case Study
Saluté Family Medicine
98% of Providers using Accuro choose to stay with it, for performance they can trust.
With more than 90 EMR professionals on our Customer Support team, you can trust Accuro EMR to deliver the user experience you deserve and the technology your clinic needs.
"After running Accuro EMR for about a month, the improvement in our operational efficiency is like night and day – we are so efficient now. The ability to start productive work on the first day was priceless to me and allowed us to become real champions of Accuro within our clinic. We are now getting our lab results in and automatically filed within the right patient’s chart, which improves patient safety – the docs are loving this."

Abbie Coros
South Side Women's Health Centre
Edmonton AB

"Our Physicians love Accuro, as they can task themselves reminders for optimal patient care, and they can work from outside the office. They all love that they can create their own templates when needed. This way it is geared to their specific practice."

Patricia Smith & Nicole Bilyk
Office Managers
Gastroenterology Clinic
Edmonton AB

“Accuro has helped clean up our workflow and allowed streamlining that makes sense for every user. Our doctors and nurses have found that with Accuro the process for referrals has decreased the amount of work for everyone about 75%. That is only one area of the workflow.”

Rockyview Maternity & Family Practice

Calgary AB

"Accuro is very easy to use! It is easy to add photos, reorganize charts, record notes, remove documents, etc. I am very happy with the system as I find it works really well. Where other EMRs I have used take too long to load patient data, Accuro is fast and simple to use."

Dr. Stanley Muwonge
Family Medicine
Vineyard Medical Clinic
Calgary AB

"Accuro EMR is very easy to use and every time I have a question, their client services team is willing to help. The software itself is very good and the culture and consistent service is what makes me happy to be part of the Accuro family."

Margie Nickles
Office Manager
Glenmore Landing Vein Clinic
Calgary AB

"Accuro has helped us improve the quality of care we provide. We are communicating and collaborating better, not just within our practice, but with other providers and organizations within the community. We can now efficiently provide care from anywhere, in clinic, hospitals, homes, shelters, wherever the families we work with need to be seen. It has enhanced our ability to truly meet and serve people where they are in their lives. Now that we have Accuro, I'm not sure how we survived without it!"

Babil Pobee
Registered Midwife & Practice Co-Owner
Red Community Midwives
Calgary AB

"When colleagues ask me what program to use, I don’t hesitate to recommend Accuro due to my positive experience with support staff, and the adaptability of the program to conform to my specialty and practice. Setting up Accuro in my practice was the right decision for me as it works easily, intuitively, and cost effectively. Within the last 20 minutes of the day my dictated notes are done, my consult letters are faxed back to referring physicians, and my billings are sent off to Alberta Health. Accuro just works."

Ron Witzke
General Surgeon and Director of Private Surgery Clinic
Medicine Hat AB

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