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Whether you are working with multiple Physicians across the same clinic, or are collaborating with colleagues in a family health team, staying connected with a reliable EMR system has never been more important. Now more than ever, it is necessary to find a system that is designed for Ontario's specific requirements and that evolves as those requirements change. 

Fully-certified by OntarioMD, Accuro EMR software is committed to enhancing your daily workflows and increasing time-saving capabilities. Spend less time on administration duties and charting, and more time with patients when you choose the EMR used by over 3,000 Ontario Healthcare Providers and over 10,000 Providers across Canada.


Ontario-specific workflows:

  • Receive your labs directly in Accuro with Ontario Lab Information Service (OLIS) and other lab testing vendors

  • Stay connected to your hospital patients with Hospital Report Manager (HRM)

  • Efficiently manage OHIP billings, find errors, reconcile and resubmit – all from one screen

  • Multiple users can work within the same patient chart at once

  • Tasking to multiple people at once, based on a clinic role

  • Reporting tools to support Ontario FHT Quality Improvement Programs


With our dedicated Client Services and Implementation teams located locally in Toronto, it is easy to see why Accuro is the chosen EMR for over 3,000 Ontario Providers. Rest easy knowing your clinic’s migration will be in good hands.


  • “We have 60 employees and 17 physicians across several disciplines, all using Accuro. A lot of these doctors are living out of town in Mississauga or Ancaster. Our doctors connect to Accuro from their home, operating room, ambulatory care, and women’s health clinic. In an instance when they are covering for another doctor in the clinic, they can access the patient chart and know exactly what the situation is.
    Since switching to Accuro, our clinic morale has improved and we are spending less time and money on administration. Labs are being automatically imported from Ontario Lab Information Service (OLIS), and many forms are automated in Accuro.”



  • “Accuro has convenient requisition and referral workflows, and it even helps me track my patients with stents. It saves me time by pulling lab values directly into my encounter notes. The software also allows me to visualize lab values, such as PSA, and trend my patient’s response to treatment. Accuro is built for the needs of specialists.”

    Toronto ON

Discover why more than 3,000 Ontario Providers trust Accuro EMR to speed up their day

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