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Accuro shows you the data you need quickly so you can focus on finding answers.
With streamlined interfaces that connect you to health authorities, hospitals, and testing services, Accuro delivers vital information right to your EMR and helps you see your patients’ bigger picture. Spend less time hunting for data and more time getting results.
See more at once and work with precision
  • Trend Patient Results:
    • Abnormal test results are highlighted for immediate review
    • Graph medications against results to identify drug-related interactions
    • Customize lab panels and patient chart medical bands to compare data over time
    • Powerful side-by-side comparison of documents and images
  • Medical Document Handling:
    • Review incoming documents, faxes, and scans in one location
    • Easily manage and file documents into patient charts
    • Electronically notify the Provider when a document needs to be reviewed
    • Annotate documents or add a signature
    • Fax documents directly from Accuro
labs and imaging
“Lab viewer. We get lots of blood work reports every week literally hundreds. The ability to view the important documents and labs on the same screen through the emr in addition to the ability to trend the result has transformed my workflow. I can pull the CPP and virtual chart simultaneously to compare results and trend. It saves so much time and facilitates a better visit.”

Dr. Vandana Ahluwalia
Corporate Chief of Rheumatology
William Osler Health System

“Accuro connects me to key patient information I need quickly and conveniently, and like no other EMR I’ve ever used. I can easily track important lab results and view trends over time, all from one screen.”

Dr. Ilana Halperin
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

“No longer am I fumbling through patient charts trying to find lab results or imaging. Everything is right at my fingertips with the medical history bands. The ease of use and prompt support is always available with Accuro.”

Dr. Thanu Ruban

“Accuro has convenient requisition and referral workflows, and it even helps me track my patients with stents. It saves me time by pulling lab values directly into my encounter notes. The software also allows me to visualize lab values, such as PSA, and trend my patient’s response to treatment. Accuro is built for the needs of specialists.”

Dr. Zachary Klinghoffer
Toronto ON

labs and imaging
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