An EMR that is committed to Saskatchewan Healthcare

Saskatchewan EMR Software from Accuro is fully-certified by the Saskatchewan Medical Association EMR program. Working with the SMA and Saskatchewan eHealth, we have developed workflows specific to the province and can help you successfully and easily transition your systems with our dedicated Saskatchewan team.

Choose an EMR provider that is committed to building a connected future for Providers and Patients in Saskatchewan. Accuro EMR is selected by more Providers in your province than any other… by far.


Saskatchewan specific workflows are here:

  • Provincial lab results and diagnostics imaging reports are delivered directly into Accuro

  • Saskatchewan's Pharmaceutical Information Program (PIP) is integrated into Accuro and allows you to see your patient's prescribed and dispensed medication

  • Efficiently manage all Saskatchewan billing claims, find errors, reconcile and resubmit - all from one screen

  • Saskatchewan-specific forms are provided at no extra cost AND Accuro's Implementation specialists will configure these forms for your workflows


Take the first step to a smoother clinic. Accuro will support you in your transition and beyond with our 70 Migration Specialists and 90+ Customer Service experts. Feel confident that your migration to Accuro EMR software is in good hands.

See why more than 85% of Saskatchewan Physicians enjoy the reliability and stability that Accuro EMR brings to their clinics.


Saskatchewan EMR Funding Eligibility

The Saskatchewan EMR Program offers funding for Physicians using an EMR in their practice. To qualify to receive payments, Physicians must select a certified EMR system, like Accuro, and use it to provide a long-term patient record which integrates with the Saskatchewan’s Electronic Health Records.



    per patient encounter

    Physicians are paid $1 every time an approved Fee Code is submitted for billing through their EMR. Documentation in the EMR is required to support this fee code and it must contain enough information to meet the profession’s accepted standard for medical re-codes.


    per month

    In the first year, 50% of submitted Fee Codes (from the approved list) must have the visit encounter captured in the EMR.

    After one year, 95% of submitted Fee Coders (from the approved list) must have the visit encounter captured in the EMR.


    • "Accuro is such a nice succinct way of keeping the entire patient history accessible to you. When we were trying to make the decision which company to go with, already so many of my colleagues had Accuro. I am very glad to have made the decision to join the club. It changed my life." DR. BHARGAVA   |   OB/GYN

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