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Complete all your billing functions on one screen, and experience greater efficiency and billing accuracy. It’s software designed to help your clinic succeed.
Accuro’s medical billing software is integrated with Accuro’s Scheduler so patient appointments are embedded as billable items and you never miss a billing record. Enter codes manually, or set them to load automatically by appointment type for a smooth claims process.
Streamlined, accurate, convenient, and versatile
  • Provide direct submissions to provincial government billing
  • Manage daily claims, find errors, and resubmit without needing to print
  • Do submissions, reconciliations, and resubmissions from one screen
  • Support for multiple physicians with a full range of billing types
  • Choose the module option that fits your needs and budget:
    • Accuro Billing Software
    • Accuro Admin: Billing and Scheduling Software
    • Accuro EMR: Includes Billing and Scheduling
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"With Accuro, the chance of making and submitting an error on a claim is all but eliminated due to the many built-in prompts, checks and alerts; but if I do get an error, Accuro is very efficient in helping me resolve it."

Dr. Umberto Cellupica
Paediatrician & Partner
Maple Kidz Clinic
Maple ON

"This is an EMR made for the needs of Doctors in Nova Scotia. Accuro’s billing system is very easy and straight forward. There are less claims coming back because the billing is so much more accurate."

Dr. Hoogerboord
General Surgeon
Nova Scotia Health Authority

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