Enhance team workflows across your enterprise practice

Accuro EMR was designed to connect multi-clinic teams, delivering flexible workflows that meet the needs of each location, department, and Healthcare Provider in your group practice.
With agile configuration options at both the user and group level, Accuro excels in a team-based environment. Users in different departments can customize their views, workflows, and so much more, providing the flexibility and versatility that large practices need to thrive.
The power to handle it all
  • Separate offices can be created in one shared database
  • Group billing capabilities with salary splits and full accounts receivables
  • Views and workflows can be customized by department or location
  • Specialized configurations, tools, and forms for primary care and specialists
  • Team members with proper access can view and work in the same patient chart at once
  • Tasks can be sent to multiple team members at once based on clinic role
  • System Administrators can grant or limit access to each user, as required
  • Dynamic alerts for outstanding patient appointments and tests
  • Clinic reporting tools and goals to drive quality improvement programs
  • Preventative care reports and tasking ensure proactive patient care and maximized billing
  • Business performance reports optimize the metrics of managing the enterprise clinic
  • Numerous Enterprise clinic tools also available for AccuroEMR
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Make the Move to AccuroEMR, Seamlessly
Accuro provides the best EMR migration support in the industry. More than a hundred enterprise clinics and large group family health teams have successfully transitioned to Accuro from their old EMR systems. There really is no substitute for experience.
"Within excess of 500 people to train, the scheduling logistics were almost impossible. But with Accuro’s help, we were able to make drop-in training available at each location prior to going live."

Graham Shatford
Regional Project Coordinator

"The ability to start productive work on the first day was priceless to me and allowed us to become real champions of Accuro EMR within our clinic."

Abbie Coros
Clinic Manager
South Side Women's Health Centre
Edmonton AB

“Accuro proposed the best training program of all the vendors we considered”

Laura Johnson
Chatham-Kent Family Health Team, ON

What are you waiting for?
Discover why Accuro EMR is the choice for Enterprise clinics and large Family Health Teams.