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When you’re ready to switch EMRs, we’ll be with you all the way.
Our EMR Migration Specialists have thousands of successful implementations behind them and the skills and experience to provide a smooth, painless transition. When you make the move to Accuro, you’re not doing it alone.
Paving the way:
  • Our EMR Migration Specialists will manage your clinic’s move
  • Your existing data will be cleaned and converted to ensure optimum performance
  • Accuro will be configured to fit your clinic’s unique workflows
  • You’ll get individualized, custom training to help you start on sure footing
  • Accuro’s robust Client Services Team will be available for ongoing support and assistance
A Migration Team You Can Trust
Your move to Accuro EMR will be led by a dedicated Project Manager who’ll guide you through all the phases of migration, up to your Accuro “Go-Live”, and beyond. Your success is our first priority, so you’ll have all the Accuro resources necessary to help your clinic thrive.
  • Kick-Off Meeting

    Your Accuro Rep contacts your team and answers questions, and your Project Manager is assigned.

  • Workflow Assessment

    Your current workflows are evaluated for ways they can be improved.

  • Data is Optimized & Imported into Accuro

    Accuro’s Data Migration Team gets to work.

  • Accuro Data Team

    The Data Team arranges for a copy of your data.

  • Customized Training

    Structured and personal training is provided by an Accuro Instructor.

  • Go Live!

    Migration is complete. You’re up and running!

"Upon implementation, we had our old EMR set up as a backup just in case we ran into trouble and needed to fall back to our old EMR at any point. As it turned out, we had one of our busiest clinic days ever with 75 patients. We didn’t have to revert back to our old EMR once, Accuro was so much easier. Our very first day with Accuro, we were faster and more efficient than we were on a system we had been using for 3 years."

Dr. El-Tahan
Orthopaedic Surgeon
El-Tahan Orthopaedics
Nova Scotia

"When the actual transfer took place, the data migrated seamlessly and we have not had a single issue with the data as a result."

Dr. Umberto Cellupica
Paediatrician & Partner
Maple Kidz Clinic
Maple ON

“After running Accuro EMR for about a month, the improvement in our operational efficiency is like night and day – we are so efficient now. The ability to start productive work on the first day was priceless to me and allowed us to become real champions of Accuro within our clinic. We are now getting our lab results in and automatically filed within the right patient’s chart, which improves patient safety – the docs are loving this.”

Abbie Coros
South Side Women's Health Centre
Edmonton AB

"Within just one month, we were feeling like Accuro was “old hat” and we were really comfortable using it and sufficiently knowledgeable with the basic functionality to work efficiently. Every once in a while, however, we still learn something new – it’s like unwrapping a gift to find something you didn’t know you could do."

Dr. Umberto Cellupica
Paediatrician & Partner
Maple Kidz Clinic
Maple ON

“For my colleagues being faced with an EMR transition, know your options and don’t be forced into a decision. During the EMR transition, Accuro was there each step of the way with reliable customer service, personalized onsite training, and they made the process as seamless as possible. Accuro will walk you through, no matter if you are a novice or new EMR user, or fairly tech savvy…I don’t experience the frustrations I had with my old EMR since my move to Accuro. Overall, it is simply a joy to use each day.”

Dr. Michael MacDonald
Family Physician
Island Family Health Care
Sydney NS

“The transition from our old EMR to Accuro was great. Everything transferred over smoothly. Our team was prepared for the transition, and Accuro was always readily available for help. Once the go-live day came up, we were ready to go.”

Dr. David Verrilli
Family Physician
Village FHT
Toronto ON

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