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Get a direct line of communication to Pharmacists that saves time and leaves nothing to chance.

ePrescribe harnesses the power of digital communication and encrypted security to make prescribing simpler, and easier to get right. Doctors can send and clarify prescriptions from within Accuro, and with its partner application, FreedomRx, Pharmacists can ask for the information they need in an instant.

The fax machine has had its day. Welcome to the evolution of prescription management.

Currently Accuro ePrescribe is only available in Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.

More convenience, same workflow
  • See patient medical history, lab results, allergies, and medications on one screen for easy comparison. Write or renew prescriptions in seconds.
  • Electronically sign and fax prescriptions directly from AccuroEMR without printing, or print and sign manually. Annotate notes directly on the electronic prescription.
  • Create, manage, and track prescriptions for your patients. Save your commonly used prescription settings for quick prescriptions.

First Databank Prescription Management Support

Accuro has partnered with the First Databank drug database to give Providers the best medication and dosage support system possible.
Accuro’s integration with First Databank ensures that drug lists, dosages, and medicine data are current and updated.
  • Medication history tracking
  • Drug allergy warnings
  • High and low dosage warnings
  • Duplicate therapy warnings
  • Drug interactions
  • Contraindications
“ePrescribe is a great tool that allows me to securely send prescriptions to pharmacies without having to provide any physical copies to the patient. From my perspective, there is no learning curve to the tool, as the workflow stays the same. It is a faster and more secure way to get the prescription to the pharmacy and communicate back and forth with the pharmacist. It is increasing patient satisfaction and decreasing their wait to fill their prescription significantly.”

Dr. Vineet Nair
Family Practice
Core Family Health Centre
London ON

"We had 75 forms to create when we first switched to Accuro, and we were able to build them ourselves because of AccuroEMR's great forms capability and simple user interface."

Abbie Coros
Clinic Manager
South Side Women's Health Centre
Edmonton AB

“With Accuro, there are all the specialty forms I need and it is so much faster. I just auto-populate the form in Accuro and its done. I can open Accuro and my whole practice is with me at all times. I have my schedule with me all the time. I can look and see what operations I am doing two weeks from now. If another doctor calls me to discuss a particular patient, I don’t have to wait to call them back if I am not in my office. This is an EMR made for the needs of Doctors in Nova Scotia.”

Dr. Hoogerboord
General Surgeon
Nova Scotia Health Authority

"Upon implementation, we had Nightingale set up as a backup just in case we ran into trouble and needed to fall back to our old EMR at any point. As it turned out, we had one of our busiest clinic days ever with 75 patients. We didn’t have to revert back to our old EMR once, Accuro was so much easier. Our very first day with Accuro, we were faster and more efficient than we were on a system we had been using for 3 years."

Dr. El-Tahan
Orthopaedic Surgeon
El-Taha Orthopaedics
Nova Scotia

“Our Physicians love Accuro, as they can task themselves reminders for optimal patient care, and they can work from outside the office. They all love that they can create their own templates when needed. This way it is geared to their specific practice.”

Patricia Smith & Nicol Bilyk
Office Managers
Gastroenterology Clinic
Edmonton, AB

“Adopting Accuro EMR has been one of the best changes in my practice. With the implementation of the standardized forms for Rheumatology, I am able to document clinical care with better accuracy and efficiency.”

Dr. Vanada Ahluwalia
William Osler Health System
Brampton ON

“Accuro is the best EMR I have every used. With Accuro, you don’t need to request new templates and forms as I can edit and create templates and forms myself, specific to our office needs. This enables us to tailor our EMR to our specific office requirements, saving us a lot of time and allowing us to personalize our office. Accuro EMR checks off all our needs. This includes the functionality and usability of the technology and the tech support that comes with it. We love the people and the system and recommend Accuro to everyone who isn’t using it.”

Office Manager
Surgical Office
Abbotsford BC

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