Communication made easy

Secure patient messages that you control

Communication Made Easy

Secure patient messages you control

Patient Messaging Communication made easy

Deliver secure messages to one patient, or all patients at once, quickly, easily, and on your terms. Accuro Engage Patient Messaging saves your clinic time and helps you—and more than 5,500 other Accuro Providers—deliver care that works better for everyone.

Product Highlights

Secure one-on-one messaging

Connect with patients for a quick check-in, ask about symptoms, or share test results and documents right from the chart when an in-person visit isn’t needed.


Conversation control

Keep your inbox organized and minimize distractions by closing the message thread so patients can no longer respond.


No-reply mass messaging

Using Query Builder, send a ‘no-reply’ message to notify all patients when the clinic will be closed, a provider will be away, or when new services are offered.


‘Delegate’ feature

Improve time management and distribute clinical workload by giving office staff the ability to send messages on a clinician’s behalf.

Patient Messaging is our most popular Accuro Engage feature, with over a million secure messages sent to patients in 2023.

How Patient Messaging works for your patients.

  1. Send a Patient Message from Accuro to your patient.
  2. Your patient receives an email notification instructing them to log in and view the message in Medeo Patient app. Note: If they never created a Medeo Patient account, they will be prompted to do so.
  3. If you sent your Patient Message as open, your patients will be able to respond to you through the Medeo Patient app which will appear in your Patient Messaging messages tab.

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What features does Patient Messaging include? 

  • PIPEDA Approved – Your messages are safe 
  • Send Documents and files 
  • Send Lab Results 
  • Send Pictures 
  • Send Messages 
  • Delegation Feature 
  • Mass Messaging 
  • Ability to close message thread 
  • Ability to send closed message 
  • Ability to save messages within Patient Chart 
  • Integrated with Accuro 
  • Ability to sort and filter messages 
  • Patient receives an email notification when message arrives 
  • Ability to delete a message 
  • Read Receipts 
  • Ability to Print Messages 
  • Syncing Messages 

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See the difference Patient Messaging can make in your clinic today!