An EMR truly Committed to Manitoba Healthcare

Having a fast and reliable EMR is crucial to improve your clinic’s workflows and enhance patient care. How? With effective EMR support, you are one step closer to having optimal patient interactions, efficient administrative processes and a fully integrated clinic. At Accuro, we are dedicated to providing a connected future for all care communities across Manitoba.

Accuro EMR Software is certified EMR in the province with the highest level of Integrated Accreditation by Manitoba eHealth. More than 10,000 Providers across Canada trust and use Accuro EMR every day.


Workflows specific to Manitoba:

  • Receive lab results and diagnostic imaging reports directly into Accuro with eHealth Hub and Dynacare integration

  • Enjoy incorporated CCM billing rules with Accuro Integrated Accreditation

  • Manitoba specific forms are provided at no extra cost AND Accuro’s Implementation Specialists will configure these forms for your workflows

  • Manitoba integration allows for chronic care reminders, clinical data sharing and claiming of annual tariffs


When it’s time to make the change, Accuro has more than 40 Migration Specialists and 50 Customer Service Specialists who are dedicated to Manitoba’s Health Care Providers.

It’s time to find out why more than 70% of your colleagues in Manitoba prefer Accuro. Consider joining them today.


  • “I praise Accuro for their attention to detail when it comes down to customer service and for being agile and nimble to resolve issues quickly and effectively. As a customer I always feel heard and my needs are met when I deliver feedback or suggested improvements to optimize my workflow.”


  • “Within excess of 500 people to train, the scheduling logistics were almost impossible. But with Accuro’s help, we were able to make drop-in training available at each location prior to going live.”

    NHRA, MB

Manitoba Providers Stay Connected to their Patients with Accuro EMR software

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