icon Manage Patient Wait Lists, Referrals, and Requisitions

When it comes to managing patient appointments, Accuro does the heavy lifting so clinic staff can get on with their day.
Accuro’s Wait List feature is fully integrated with the Appointment Scheduler to make prioritizing, booking ahead, and cancelling appointments easy. Accuro also tracks outbound requisitions and referrals from the time they’re created to their return to the EMR, so setting manual reminders is a thing of the past. Reconcile orders and referrals with one click, and delete or create new orders in a snap.
Wait List Management Made Easy
  • Manage wait lists by procedure, urgency, date, patient or waiting period
  • Quickly add, remove, or recall patients
  • Access average wait times and number of patients waiting for procedures
  • Create automatic alerts when patients are on the wait list longer than desired
  • Print or electronically fax Operating Room booking forms that auto-populate with patient demographics
  • Check off blood work and consent tasks
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“Accuro has convenient requisition and referral workflows, and it even helps me track my patients with stents. It saves me time by pulling lab values directly into my encounter notes. The software also allows me to visualize lab values, such as PSA, and trend my patient’s response to treatment. Accuro is built for the needs of specialists.”

Dr. Zachary Klinghoffer
Toronto ON

What are you waiting for?
Streamline your clinic's Referrals, Requisitions, and Wait Lists with the power of Accuro EMR.