Accuro understands your unique workflows

Accuro delivers the data and insight where you need it most… right to your fingertips. Connect to provincial and local hospital reports, labs, and imaging. Trend historical results on one screen and take action with one click. And, that’s just the beginning. Demand an EMR that is going to create real efficiencies in your specialty practice and start spending more time with patients.


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With growth charts, developmental goals, nutrition screenings, and more, integrated into the technology, Accuro EMR is designed specifically to support the unique needs of Paediatricians and their young patients.

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Accuro EMR provides customized templates and charts for all of your OBGYN needs. Included is the Specialist’s Toolkit, which offers the forms and tools unique to your specialty, facilitating more quality time to care for your patient’s needs.

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Accuro brings you an EMR with the ability to chart faster, streamline patient scheduling, save time and ultimately perform more procedures through the week.

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Accuro EMR for Plastic Surgeons supports improved workflows, surgery-specific tools with seamless integration and improved outcomes for your business and your patients.

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Based on input from peers, Accuro EMR is designed to support the unique needs of Cardiologists. With advanced technology and ease of use, Providers are able to view patient information, lab results, diagnostics, and more, all from one screen.

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Accuro EMR for Rheumatologists will support the complex workflows of your practice and provide patient data when and where you need it… Efficiently and effectively.

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Accuro EMR for Podiatrists is extremely user-friendly and is designed to make your practice and the care you provide… Better.

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Accuro EMR offers specialty workflows and tools for most Medical Specialties in Canada. Start using an EMR built for your specialty.

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