Whatever your specialty, Accuro has you covered

Today’s healthcare environment puts heavy demands on your time and resources, and Accuro has what it takes to help you succeed. Essential patient information is on one screen, built-in forms are specific to your region, and Specialist encounter note templates let you finish your day sooner.

Accuro understands your unique workflows

Accuro delivers the data and insight where you need it most… right to your fingertips. Connect to provincial and local hospital reports, labs, and imaging. Trend historical results on one screen and take action with one click. And, that’s just the beginning. Demand an EMR that is going to create real efficiencies in your specialty practice and start spending more time with patients.

Accuro is made for Specialists
Take control of your day with an EMR that creates real efficiencies in your practice and helps you spend more time with patients.


Accuro EMR is designed to support the unique needs of Cardiologists.


Accuro EMR software has tools and features for the needs of Endocrinologists.


Working with input from your peers, we gave Accuro tailored workflows to make your life easier.

General Surgery

Accuro helps you chart faster, streamline patient scheduling, save time, and perform more procedures through the week.


With templates and charts customized for OBGYNs, Accuro EMR meets all your practice needs.


Quickly see patient history, test results, medications, and allergies on one convenient screen.

Orthopaedic Surgery

Accuro has specialized workflows for your Orthopaedic practice and engagement tools to empower your patients.


Accuro’s specialized features keep Paediatric workflows running smoothly and help you deliver complete care.

Plastic Surgery

Accuro EMR for Plastic Surgeons supports improved workflows, surgery-specific tools with seamless integration, and improved outcomes for your business and your patients.


Accuro EMR has built-in features for Podiatrists, customizable forms and templates, and tools to help you spend more time where it counts.


Accuro EMR helps Psychiatrists organize tasks, streamline your workflow, and deliver effective patient care, in less time.


Accuro EMR puts all the data you need on one screen, makes waitlist management easier, and streamlines your tasks to keep things moving.


With Urology-specific consult forms and EMR workflows, Accuro is built for high-volume Urology clinics like yours.

Other Specialties

Accuro EMR offers customized workflows and tools for most Medical Specialties in Canada. Take control of your day with an EMR built for what you do.