Reduce No-Shows

While appointment cancellations can be problematic, no-shows are detrimental to health care clinics, throwing the schedule into a tailspin and wasting valuable resources. Reduce no-shows and increase clinic efficiency with Accuro Appointment Confirmations.


automated iconAutomated

Accuro Appointment Confirmation system automatically sends patients notifications in the form of an email, text message, or voice message, which prompts them to confirm or cancel their appointment.

save time iconSave Time

By eliminating manual emails and call-outs, you not only decrease demands on staff, but you also automate the administrative process, saving time and expenses.

fully integrated iconFully-Integrated

Appointment Confirmations are fully-integrated with the Accuro Scheduler and the patient’s status automatically updates in real-time.

customizable iconCustomizable

Your clinic is able to maintain full control of which appointments are reminded while the delivery of the message is completely customizable. Notifications options include appointment date, time and Provider.


Accuro Appointment Confirmations is powered by Cliniconex, an automated patient engagement solution

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  • "At Markham Family Health Team, in an average month 929 appointments are reminded using Accuro, saving approximately 46 staff hours per month. Patient no-shows have been reduced to less than 0.1 percent which allows Markham FHT to maximize their billing."


  • "Our problem was 'How can I best allocate time to our employees to maximize what they do in their day?' Accuro Appointment reminders took out the inefficient practice of calling our patients to remind them about their appointment and gave the staff something else to do. It is the best case scenario."


  • "On our go-live day with Appointment Reminders, we were busier than ever. Accuro showed us results right away. We had a 0% no show rate on out first office day. To date, our no show rate has significantly reduced and we have noticed a difference in our efficiency. Playing phone tag with a patient is very time consuming and Accuro Appointment Reminders eliminates that. We don’t have to spend hours on the phone confirming appointments anymore."

Reduce no-shows and improve patient satisfaction with Accuro's Appointment Confirmations

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