An EMR as versatile as your practice

Spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on patient care, with Accuro EMR.
Accuro’s Family Practice workflows are designed for the kind of care you deliver: personal, ongoing, and built on relationships. With patient data available on a single screen, and one-click action right from the patient chart, you can save time on paperwork and have more time for the things—and people—who matter.
Speed up your day with Accuro EMR software:
  • Complete Encounter Notes quickly with Accuro's Clickable Words technology
  • Take action on patient labs and results with one click
  • View appointment history, allergies and medications
  • Prescribe medications instantly
  • Order and track tests, requisitions, and referrals
  • Fax directly from patient charts
  • View outstanding tasks and preventative care measures
  • Bill the patient encounter
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Case Study
Saluté Family Medicine
"Since moving to Accuro from our previous EMR, our Doctors feel like their work is complete at the end of the day. Our Doctors can provide better care in less time. Notes are complete, billing is done and they walk out the door."

Dianne Penzvalto
Manager, Facilities & Information Technology
Avenue Medical Centre
Brantford ON

"I love how the patient stays with you as you move through Accuro, using only one screen. This ensures even multiple tasks can be done quickly for one patient, maximizing my time management. I also love how you can search and change to a different patient from anywhere within Accuro."

Shanda Birch
Practice Manager / MOA
Wallace St. Medical Clinic
Nanaimo BC

“Accuro is very easy to use! It is easy to add photos, reorganize charts, record notes, remove documents, etc. I am very happy with the system as I find it works really well. Where other EMRs I have used take too long to load patient data, Accuro is fast and simple to use.”

Dr. Stanley Muwonge
Family Medicine
Vineyard Medical Clinic (Primacy)
Calgary AB

“As you delve into the system, you quickly learn that there are more and more integrated features. I have used a few EMR’s over the years. As a family practitioner, I certainly recommend this to my friends and colleagues.”

Dr. Ryan Bystrom
Family Practice
West Kelowna BC

“Since moving to Accuro, I provide better patient care, spend significantly less hours on administration, use much less paper, and have increased satisfaction with patients and our team. This is fluid program for use in a collaborative practice. It's a 21st century EMR with a lot of bells and whistles, but also works wonderfully for those physicians who may not use an EMR to its fullest breadth, and that's ok.”

Dr. Michael MacDonald
Family Physician
Island Family Health Care
Sydney NS

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