Speed and efficiency? Accuro EMR delivers

We know the importance of connection, with your patients and with other British Columbia Healthcare Providers. Accuro makes it happen.
We built Accuro EMR here, in BC, to support and enhance all levels of your practice. From daily workflows to patient care to administrative management, your clinic is backed by our team of EMR experts in Kelowna and Vancouver.
Workflows made for British Columbia:
  • Complete a note in seconds with Accuro’s Clickable Words technology
  • Receive BC provincial labs and diagnostic imaging results right to the EMR
  • Manage MSP billing claims, find errors, reconcile, and resubmit, all from one screen
  • Take mass action on complex care and chronic disease management patients, including follow-ups, labs, and billing services
  • British Columbia- and Specialty-specific forms provided at no extra cost, configured for your workflows by an Accuro Implementation Specialist
"About Accuro staff: "Their people are fantastic, and I always find them easy to work with - they seem to realize that although they are computer experts, they are dealing with people who are anything but, so they are quite patient with us."

Dr. Keith Menard
Wesley Street Clinic
Nanaimo BC

"I love how the patient stays with you as you move through Accuro, using only one screen. This ensures even multiple tasks can be done quickly for one patient, maximizing my time management. I also love how you can search and change to a different patient from anywhere within Accuro."

Shanda Birch
Practice Manager
Wallace St. Medical Clinic
Nanaimo BC

“Using Accuro, we take our notes during the appointments, it maybe takes zero to ten minutes after the appointment is over to finish them up. Our colleagues are spending 1-3 hours after the clinical day working on their notes, or dictating days to weeks later. With Accuro, our notes are done when our patients leave, prescriptions are done, so are we.”

Dr's John & Brenda Copen
Victoria BC

"I would highly recommend Accuro to Canadian Podiatrists! Accuro has freed up time during the clinical examination to spend more time with the patient. The daily tasks of taking notes, [processing] referral letters, writing prescriptions, etc, is seamless and easy."

Dr. Howard Green
Podiatric Medicine
Foot Surgery and Sports Medicine
Surrey BC

"My favourite features include the ability to access my charts from any secure device and the capability to bill and manage MSP claims very efficiently. The largest benefit for patients is that their obstetrical charts are always up to date and available at labour and delivery when they arrive with an emergency."

Dr. Shelin Tkatch
Physician, OB/GYN Consultant
Obstetrics & Gynecology and Cosmetic Medicine Clinic
Vancouver BC

"As you delve into the system, you quickly learn that there are more and more integrated features. I have used a few EMR’s over the years. As a family practitioner, I certainly recommend this to my friends and colleagues."

Dr. Ryan Bystrom
Family Practice
Kelowna BC

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