Spend Your Time Operating, Not Documenting.

When it comes to plastic surgery, nothing is more important than attention to detail. Accuro understands just how vital your time with patients is, both during consultations and surgery. That’s why Accuro EMR was designed with the unique needs of your practice in mind.

Accuro EMR software streamlines the daily functions of your practice and reduces manual processes, all while increasing your overall efficiency. Accuro provides clinical tools and customized surgical workflows to make your work life easier.


Here's How:

  • Instantly convert forms to consult letters

  • Utilize pre-made consult form templates: Rhinoplasty, Carpel Tunnel and more

  • Quickly create templates for consultations, surgical procedures and follow-up appointments

  • Easily digitize procedure/prep handouts and consent forms

  • Conveniently manage waitlists by procedure, urgency, date, or patient


Accuro is the EMR of choice for over 225 Plastic Surgeons and more than 3,200 other Surgical Specialists across Canada. Take comfort knowing you’re using Canada’s #1 single-platform EMR when you choose Accuro.



Accuro EMR has specialized workflow tools for Plastic Surgeons, helping you build a more efficient practice

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