Specialized Workflows for Canadian Paediatricians

Although aspects of Paediatric care are similar to that of the general population, several factors are unique to your young patients' needs. From birth, your patients require quality care that grows with them. Accuro EMR software understands this and is built to support the unique workflows of Paediatricians.

Carefully designed in collaboration with Paediatricians across Canada, Accuro offers a superior EMR system with the tools, forms and data entry requirements your practice needs to thrive.

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Here's How:

  • Patient height and weight are automatically added to prescriptions

  • WHO Growth Charts for Canada that auto save to chart

  • Rourke Baby Records

  • Development and ADHD assessment forms

  • Assessment forms that convert directly to consult letters

  • Monitor patient progress with the ability to trend lab results and vitals

  • NutriSTEP® nutrition screening tool integration (Ontario only)

  • BORN Kid eConnect integration - with NDDS forms for ages 1-week to 5-years (Ontario only)


And, no other EMR is equipped with Accuro’s Paediatric Tools which will empower your practice like never before. Accuro EMR is committed to supporting Paediatrians across Canada, and has already assisted so many to evolve and streamline their practices.

  • “About Wait List, electronic Prescribing, and ability to automatically fax letters and requisitions to pre-defined locations: “This not only saves an incredible amount of time, but also improves efficiency for patients in that our letters and forms get created in Accuro quickly and sent out almost instantaneously, instead of in a couple of weeks, as it often took with the old dictation/transcription method.” DR. KEITH MENARD   |   PEDIATRICIAN

  • “Within just one month, we were feeling like Accuro was “old hat” and we were really comfortable using it and sufficiently knowledgeable with the basic functionality to work efficiently. Every once in a while, however, we still learn something new – it’s like unwrapping a gift to find something you didn’t know you could do.” DR. UMBERTO CELLUPICA   |   PAEDIATRICIAN AND PARTNER

Accuro EMR is configured for Pediatricians, and contains tools to support their complex workflows

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