How Flexible is your EMR?

Wish your EMR was made for your unique workflows? Accuro gets you through your day more efficiently because it’s built for your specific needs. Forms and templates have been designed for you. Conveniently work from one screen and access key patient information like history, medications, assessments and tests. AccuroEMR is the most logical choice for those who need more flexibility from their EMR.

laptop psychiatrist accuro

Here's why Psychiatrists love Accuro:

  • Complete an observation note in seconds with "clickable words" technology

  • Quickly digitize and edit assessment and local clinic forms

  • Convert assessment forms into consult letters automatically

  • Utilize supportive tools like mood disorder or depression tools in our library of 1000+ user forms

  • Improve care access via secure video visits and patient messaging

  • Share key patient files securely with other care team members

  • “Using Accuro, we take our notes during the appointments, it maybe takes zero to ten minutes after the appointment is over to finish them up. Our colleagues are spending 1-3 hours after the clinical day working on their notes, or dictating days to weeks later. With Accuro, our notes are done when our patients leave, prescriptions are done, so are we.” DR’S JOHN & BRENDA COPEN   |   PSYCHIATRISTS

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