Specialized Podiatry tools in Accuro EMR save time

Whether you are carrying out routine exams, or performing complex surgeries, Podiatry requires specific skills and tools to ensure your patients are receiving the highest quality of care. Why not ask for as much from your EMR system? Accuro EMR  software specializes in the unique needs of Podiatrists and Podiatry practices, improving patient satisfaction and enhancing practice functionality.

Thoughtfully designed in collaboration with Canadian Podiatrists, Accuro EMR provides all the tools, forms and business requirements your practice depends upon and utilizes on a daily basis. Accuro is the preferred EMR software of the Canadian Podiatrist Medical Association.

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A few reasons why:

  • Charting diagram templates with annotations designed specifically for Podiatry

  • Podiatry forms that convert directly to referral letters

  • Trending tools that allow you to analyze patient data

  • Fully integrated with podiatry-specific medical terms and knowledge

  • Prescribing and medication tracking


No other EMR comes equipped with the customized tools and forms to support your Podiatry practice. As the preferred EMR software of the CPMA, Accuro is committed to supporting Podiatrists across Canada. Discover how a better EMR system can make all the difference today.

  • “I would highly recommend Accuro to Canadian Podiatrists! Accuro has freed up time during the clinical examination to spend more time with the patient. The daily tasks of taking notes, [processing] referral letters, writing prescriptions, etc, is seamless and easy.” DR. HOWARD GREEN   |   PODIATRIC MEDICINE

Discover why Accuro is the preferred EMR system of the Canadian Podiatric Medical Association

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