EMR workflows tailored for Urologists

Are you using an EMR designed for your specialty? We worked with Urologists to build consult forms and customizable features that meet the needs of your practice.
Join Urologists across Canada who trust Accuro with their patient care.
Delivering power to your practice:
  • Use ready-made consult and exam form templates: Vasectomy, Abnormal DRE, Hydrocele, ED, Circumcision, and more
  • Create templates for consultations, Urology tests, and follow-up appointments
  • Instantly convert forms to consult letters
  • Compare and trend test results on one screen, with one click
  • Manage waitlists by procedure, urgency, date, or patient
  • Connect to your local or provincial hospital reports, labs, and diagnostic imaging
"Accuro has convenient requisition and referral workflows, and it even helps me track my patients with stents. It saves me time by pulling lab values directly into my encounter notes. The software also allows me to visualize lab values, such as PSA, and trend my patient’s response to treatment. Accuro is built for the needs of specialists."

Dr. Zachary Klinghoffer
Toronto ON

What are you waiting for?
In high-volume Urology clinics, Accuro delivers.