ASP System Requirements

The following Document is published and maintained by QHR Technologies. The content is subject to change without notice, as technology and systems change without notice. Please refer to this page before making any changes or additions to your clinic.

Last updated: May 22, 2024

Application Service Provider (ASP)

Accuro ASP is now at End-of-Sale. All new and existing customers will transition to Accuro Cloud for a better and more efficient service.

Accuro Cloud is currently being rolled out across Canada. You’ll receive an email invitation when it’s time for your clinic to make the transition.

Looking to run Accuro?

To run Accuro, you need the following:

A. Hardware Requirements

Windows PC Requirements and Downloads

Operating System: Windows 11, Windows 10 (previous versions are no longer supported)
Recommended Web Browser: Chrome (current)
Other Web Browsers: Microsoft Edge (based on Chrome), or Mozilla Firefox (current)

To use Accuro Cloud on a Windows PC, you will need to download the following on each workstation as outlined:

  1. Install the Citrix Workspace App required to run ASP hosted Accuro.
    • NOTE: Citrix Receiver reached end of life and was replaced by Citrix Workspace App. Citrix Workspace App provides all functionality previously provided by Citrix Receiver.
    1. Install the Print Client Software required to print from ASP hosted Accuro. 
      To determine if you should download the 32 or 64 bit Print Client Software, check your workstation's operating system type (Windows Start Menu > Settings > System > About > System Type).

    1. Install the Cloudwerx Plugin Required to print from Accuro Cloud.

    Apple Mac PC Requirements and Downloads

    Operating System: OS 12.0.1 (Monterey), and 11.5 (Big Sur), 10.15 (Catalina)
    Recommended Web Browser: Chrome (current)
    Other Web Browsers: Safari 9+, Microsoft Edge (based on Chrome), or Mozilla Firefox (current)

    Apple Mac PC Requirements

    Note: QHR is no longer validating newer versions of MacOS for Accuro Local

    To use Accuro Cloud on an Apple Mac PC, you will need to download the following on each workstation as outlined:

    1. Install the Citrix Workspace App / Citrix Receiver
      required to run ASP Accuro.
    For Mac OS X 10.15 or higher
    Download Citrix Workspace open_in_new
    1. Install the Print Client Software required to print from Accuro Cloud. 
      1. Disable Update Prompts in Citrix Workspace or Receiver
        Required to ensure Citrix Workspace or Receiver doesn't updated past Accuro compatibility.
        • Launch Citrix Workspace or Receiver
        • Open Citrix Workplace or Receiver > Preferences
        • Navigate to the Advanced tab and select "No, don't notify" in Updates

      Tablets, Android Phones/Tablets, or iPads/iPhones

      Tablets that are capable of running the most recent versions of the Citrix Workspace can be used to run the full feature version of the Accuro application as opposed to Accuro Mobile. For compatibility, please check to see if your device can install the most recent version of the Citrix Workspace from the relevant App store. Click below for more information for iPhone/iPad and Android.

      B. Network Requirements

      Internet speed varies greatly based on the number of users, their roles, and activities. As a general rule, faster is always better - to determine your clinic's ideal internal speed, we recommend you account for each active user having 5mbps down and 1mbps up as a minimum (2mbps up or more recommended). For example, if you have 20 active users, 100mbps down and 40mbps up is recommended. If you find you add a lot of users or have a document-heavy process, you may need to increase your internet speed connection to compensate.

      Utility Software

      Only install this software as instructed by Client Services

      CloudSync V10

      triCerat Print Server Agent Software - For use with XenApp 7.15

      Citrix Receiver Cleanup Utility

      Uninstall the Citrix Receiver Software in Programs, then run the Receiver Cleanup Utility

      Third Party Hardware

      Printers - Standard: Accuro works with any modern laser or inkjet printer that can successfully print from the workstation.

      Printers - Label: Accuro works best with the Dymo 550 Turbo or Dymo 550 Label printers. For ASP customers, label printing is not supported on Mac workstations. Label printing does work with Windows workstations (can print from a Mac to a PC where the label printer is connected).

      Printers - Prescription: Accuro works best with the Epson T88V Receipt printer. Note that standard printers can be used as prescription printers as well. The receipt printer is an alternative that offers a smaller paper size and continuous paper feed.

      Scanners: Accuro works with any scanner as it does not directly connect to the scanner. Rather, Accuro requires the scanner to place the scans into a folder on the network, and Accuro displays the contents of the folder in the Documents section for the user to "File". A recommended scanner is the Fujitsu Scansnap due to its low cost, small size, and ease of use.  Given Documents (Scans and Faxes) can take up the most amount of storage space, please ensure your scanners and faxes are being set to reasonable resolutions. High resolutions can create storage ballooning of up to 100x. (i.e.: reasonable file size is 20-50KB per page, and a high res file can be 2,000KB per page.)

      Internet Fax: As an alternate to Fax modems, Accuro connects to an Internet Fax web service called UNITE. This allows all faxing to be run through the Internet and no longer requires you to have a fax line, fax machine, or fax modem. For more information, visit open_in_new .

      Modem Fax: Accuro connects to Windows Fax and Scan to send faxes. A modem is required in a single elected workstation (not the server) which will become the new outgoing fax machine for the clinic. Faxing within Accuro is automatically routed through the modem and the fax status can be viewed directly in Accuro (via Fax Manager) or in Windows Fax and Scan. Incoming faxing is set up by configuring Windows Fax and Scan to save the TIFF fax files to a directory on the network (UNC path). Users then use the Documents section of Accuro to upload from the Directory to the patient chart.
      NOTE: Windows Fax and Scan on the workstation must run under a single shared user account so that the status of faxes sent and received can be viewed. Logging in to the fax workstation as another user will not display the faxes as the Fax Console is user-specific.

      QHR recommends a Serial modem over USB modems as they are more reliable when communicating to other fax machines/modems.

      Single line fax modem:
      US Robotics 5686G ( open_in_new )
      Requires a serial port.

      All other fax machines should be taken off the same line as the one to be used for Accuro server so no cross-talk or other communication issues can occur on the line preventing either out or incoming faxes.

      Swipe Card Readers (currently only available in BC and ON): QHR supports the Magtek Dynamag card reader (Part Number: 21073062) using encryption levels 1 or 2. Encryption level 3 (also known as Triple DES Encryption) is NOT supported. Other card readers may function with Accuro although we cannot guarantee these will work with Local, ASP, and/or Accuro Cloud systems.

      Please confirm with the seller that the card reader has NOT been configured past encryption level 2.

      Supported swipe card readers are available from the following re-sellers:

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      QHR Client Services

      For application support or inquiries.

      Phone: 1-866-729-8889

      Accuro: Accuro Start Menu > Help > Send Feedback

      Support Portal: Accuro Support Site open_in_new

      Accuro User Guide: Accuro Start Menu > Help > Accuro User Guide