Using Accuro's REST API

The Accuro API enables you to interface with different areas of Accuro. This user guide will cover some common scenarios that will help you in interfacing your software to Accuro using APIs and show you how to get started.

There are three main types of systems that are expected to be using the Accuro REST API

  • Patient Portals

    Applications that allow a patient to view and modify information about themselves.

  • Provider Portals

    Applications that allow a provider to view and modify information specific to them and their patients.

  • Background Services

    These have no specific user requesting access (e.g. an appointment reminder service).

What You Need

  1. To access Accuro API you need to contact QHR Technologies ( and provide details of your software product, what it does and how you want to use the API. Business Development will contact you to discuss this and get more information (if needed).
  2. A Terms of Use document will be created outlining what has been agreed between QHR Technologies (Accuro) and your company. The document should be read, DocuSigned and returned to us.
  3. On receipt of the signed document, you will be directed to our API website that has all the information you need to start developing your API interface to Accuro.
  4. Authentication Tokens and an Accuro sandbox test environment will be made available to you. The sandbox is available for 6 months, after which time it will become inactive. If at any point in the future the sandbox is required for testing, please contact
  5. Once your testing / certification has been completed, please forward the pass certificate and appropriate documentation to
  6. On successful testing, an Agreement will be drawn up. Once signed by all parties, a date will be agreed to upgrade to production REST API.