Not getting the full picture with your EMR?
Put the pieces together with Accuro

Your EMR shouldn’t get in the way of making the best decisions for your patients. You don’t need to spend valuable time pouring over multiple screens to monitor patient lab results and kidney function. Accuro EMR brings you the data and insight you need most. All from ONE screen.

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Accuro has tools made for Nephrologists:

  • Powerful one-click, one-screen visualization of multiple patient test values and history

  • Quickly create form templates for consultations, procedures, and requisitions

  • Instantly convert forms to consult letters

  • Utilize queries and Accuro data analytics to gain insight into patient population trends (Diabetics, etc)

  • Conveniently manage waitlists by procedure, urgency, date or patient (Dialysis, biopsies, renal surgeries and transplants).

Accuro brings you the technology and features set to handle patients more efficiently and strengthen your role in the circle of care.

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