Control of the Conversation.

Accuro's Patient Messaging is one of the most effective communication portals available and is already providing a better way for doctors and patients to correspond. Messaging is ideal for patient follow-ups, test result reviews, instructions, and post procedure consults.

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Secure and Convenient

Accuro's Patient Messaging System gives you the power to start and stop correspondence with your patients as needed. You can share comments, lab results, and documents directly through the secure patient messaging system, which strictly adheres all PIPEDA protocols and guidelines.

Maintain Control

Secured email messaging is entirely initiated by the Provider and greatly reduces the need for unnecessary follow-up visits. This is not only convenient for the patient, but it increases efficiency and productivity for the clinic, as well.

How it Works:

  • When Providers send a message, patients receive a notification through secure email that alerts them to login to the platform to view it. They cannot reply to this email

  • The system can be found online or through the secure messaging app

  • Once logged in, patients can only see the email transcript and any files that are attached. They will not see any information from the EMR

  • Patients are able to reply to this message, but only the Provider has the power to start and finish the thread

  • All encounters are stored in the patient's chart and are searchable

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Effective and efficient patient communication with Accuro Patient Messaging

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