Built for Ophthalmologists

Accuro has been designed to work for you and your unique needs. Patient data is condensed into ONE screen so you can quickly view patient history, test results, medications, and allergies. We’ve created custom workflows for Ophthalmologists to enable you to collect patient ocular test values, monitor patient traffic and create forms and letters with ease. Greater access is in focus and at your fingertips.


Over 300 Ophthalmologists trust Accuro. Here's why:

  • Track patients through testing and exam rooms with Accuro’s Traffic Manager

  • Enjoy out-of-the-box forms like Eyeglass Prescription and Ocular Exam History

  • Manage waitlists by procedure, urgency, date or patient

  • Easily digitize procedure/prep handouts and consent forms

  • Create customizable form templates for exams, tests, consultations, procedures and follow-ups

  • Manage public and private billing claims from one screen

  • “We have 17,000 visits a year or about 450 visits a week. When your clinic has the volume we do, we need an EMR that can keep up. Accuro has not only saved me time everyday but as a result of switching to Accuro, our per hour profit is higher.”



Power up your practice with Accuro for Ophthalmologists

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