Access Your EMR Remotely… with Accuro Cloud EMR Software

As the demand for mobility increases for Healthcare Providers, so does the need for a versatile EMR system. Don’t waste valuable time and money on local servers within the clinic, but instead, turn to the trusted and proven provider of cloud-based EMR software and data hosting: Accuro.

Accuro’s cloud EMR platform is entirely cloud-based, so there is no need for a physical server to take up space in the clinic. It is fully hosted with constant support staff, ensuring reliability and security.

accuro cloud diagram
  • Portability

    Access Accuro EMR wherever you have internet, both in and out of the clinic

  • Cost Savings

    Forget about the need for local servers or a large IT support team

  • Stability

    Accuro provides 24-hour support to maintain consistent and reliable server up-times

  • Protection

    Rest assured that all clinic information and patient data is secure and protected, with regular automatic backups and software updates

  • Data Remains in Canada

    Many other cloud-based services keep data in the US where it can be exposed to a variety of hostile influences

  • Scalability

    Easily grow and scale your business, accommodating even rapid increases in patient numbers or demands


Local Servers - Data Backup and Recovery

If your clinic decides that a local server installation of Accuro EMR is the best option, then Accuro offers piece of mind with our data hosting and recovery solution. The data is compressed and encrypted on your local server or computer and is transferred over an encrypted connection where it is stored securely at our data center. We’ve got your back, and you can feel confident that your EMR data is protected.


Enjoy the reliability of the #1 single platform EMR in Canada.

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