chart-icon Next-Level EMR Training from the Accuro Training Team

Our EMR experts will show you how to enhance efficiencies based on your clinic’s workflows and help you access the full power of Accuro’s features.
Once your foundation is set with your Accuro implementation training, you can take your EMR aptitude to the next level with ongoing learning. Remote training from the Accuro Training Team will help build skill and confidence so you can make the most of Accuro’s timesaving shortcuts and customizable solutions.
Provider Workflows
  • Build encounter note templates with ‘clickable words’ technology
  • Customize forms, letters and requisition templates
  • Convert forms to letters
  • Configure patient chart medical history bands
  • Set preventative and chronic care reminders
  • Manage clinic reporting and queries
  • Take advantage of Specialist tools and workflows
Clinic Administration Workflows
  • Handle billing errors, reconciliation, and reporting
  • Control scheduling and waitlists
  • Manage documents, labs, and imaging results
  • Communicate tasks to your whole clinic
  • Track referrals and requisitions
Remote Training
Work through the course catalogue and become an Accuro power user at your own pace.
"The training staff have been very knowledgeable, courteous and patient. We have been able to schedule sessions at our convenience, allowing my office staff and I to train simultaneously, using our own database and practice particulars. I would highly recommend the remote training sessions as a cost-effective alternative to on-site training or worse still trying to fumble through it yourself!"

Dr. Ken McKenzie
Orthopaedic Surgeon
Guelph ON

"The training was simply a dream. Because QHR trainers are in and out of clinics all the time, they have a very clear understanding of clinic context and workflow and are able to quickly see better ways for us to execute our own workflows using Accuro EMR."

Abbie Coros
Clinic Manager
South Side Women's Health Centre
Edmonton AB

“Within excess of 500 people to train, the scheduling logistics were almost impossible. But with Accuro’s help, we were able to make drop-in training available at each location prior to going live.”

Graham Shatford
Regional Project Coordinator

Remote Training Form
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