Customized EMR Tools and Workflows for General Surgeons

Surgery is one of the most complicated and high-risk medical specialties. With an often fast paced environment split between hospitals and outpatient clinics, the EMR system of choice for General Surgeons must save time while enhancing complex workflows.

Accuro is feature-rich with time saving tools designed for Surgeons. It provides innovative features and tools that allow you to streamline patient charts and consults from one screen, access patient data on-the-go, or set schedules to suit your day. Accuro EMR software for General Surgeons creates real efficiencies in your practice and strives to make your day-to-day so much easier.


Here's How:

  • Accelerate consults with pre-made forms for endoscopy, colonoscopy, hernias, abdominal pain, and gall bladders

  • Instantly convert forms to letters

  • Quickly create custom templates for initial consultations, surgical procedures and follow-up appointments

  • Speed through clickable OR forms that auto-populate with patient demographics

  • Easily digitize patient procedure/prep handouts and consent forms

  • Conveniently manage waitlists by procedure, urgency, date or patient


Accuro is the EMR of choice for more than 350 General Surgeons and 2,500 other surgical specialties across Canada. Take comfort knowing you’re using Canada’s #1 single-platform EMR when you choose Accuro.

  • “I would estimate I’m seeing at least 40 extra office patients a month. I know it’s not that much, but I only run 1.5 office days a week. And my office hours are actually about 1.5 hours shorter per office because I can do all I need to do in a shorter time and get home sooner!”


  • “With Accuro, there are all the specialty forms I need and it is so much faster. I just auto-populate the form in Accuro and its done. I can open Accuro and my whole practice is with me at all times. I have my schedule with me all the time. I can look and see what operations I am doing two weeks from now. If another doctor calls me to discuss a particular patient, I don’t have to wait to call them back if I am not in my office. This is an EMR made for the needs of Doctors in Nova Scotia.”


Get more out of your day, with Accuro EMR tools designed for Surgical Specialists

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