Why Multi-Factor Authentication Matters

Multi-Factor Authentication, or MFA, is like the extra deadbolt on your front door. It adds additional protection against intruders and helps ensure that you, and only you, are logging into your apps and devices securely. Read on to find out more about MFA and how to use it.

Why should I care about MFA?

While a strong password offers a first line of defense against hackers, it’s no longer enough to keep your information safe. Cyber criminals are using ever-more sophisticated means to get around or through passwords, and information stolen from one account can potentially be used to break into others. Enter Multi-Factor Authentication.

How does it work?

MFA happens when you use two or more pieces of evidence, called “authentication factors,” to verify your identity and access your app or device. MFA factors include:

  • Something you know: a password, a passphrase, or a personal identification number (PIN)
  • Something you have: a token or a smartcard
  • Something you are: biometrics, like your face, fingerprint, or voice

When you take money out of an ATM, for instance, you need both your bank card and your PIN to access your accounts. That’s MFA in action.

How do I set it up?

You’ve probably already seen MFA at work if you bank or shop online, or if you have social media accounts. Sites that don’t have MFA built into their login process by default may offer it as an option, so check your account’s security settings.

Third-party authenticator apps are also a great option and can be downloaded and installed on your devices to provide easy MFA for all your accounts. Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, and 1Password are some of the most popular, and they work by storing your primary password for an account and then generating a temporary code that’s used as your second authentication factor. 

MFA can also act as an early-warning system. If you receive a secondary authentication request for an account you haven’t signed into, you know your credentials for that account have been compromised and you can take action immediately.

Do I have MFA on my Accuro account?

MFA is not currently available for AccuroEMR in either the locally installed or ASP formats. We’re excited to announce that our new Accuro Cloud offering will have MFA built in, however, and we encourage you to consider moving to that format for all the benefits it provides. For more information on Accuro Cloud, visit here or ask your Practice Consultant for details.