Ready to go?
Here's how:
Activate your Accuro ONE ID from your computer here
Have your smartphone ready when activating your MFA. We recommend using Okta Verify as your second factor.
Bookmark on all of your work stations. This is where you'll log in to Accuro from now on. Congrats, you're done!
  1. Visit on your computer and have your smart phone ready to set up MFA
  2. Enter your existing username and password
  3. Enter your email address
  4. Set up your second factor for Multi-Factor Authentication
  5. You will now login to Accuro here Bookmark this link on all office workstations.
  6. Ask users in your clinic to start the transition with this step-by-step guide

If you are comfortable using your smart phone for authentication, Okta Verify is the choice we recommend for you.

To prove your identity with Okta Verify, you can either approve a push notification or enter a one-time code the first time you sign in to Accuro Cloud.

Select iPhone or Android as your device type, then tap the link to Download Okta Verify onto your mobile device. Okta Verify: Android / Apple iOS

  1. Download the application with the above links.
  2. Open the application and select Add Account > Organization > Scan a QR Code.
  3. At the Setup Okta Verify screen, scan the QR Code with your smart phone.
  4. After completing this step, you will see the account added in your Okta Verify app.
  5. Whenever prompted for your Okta Verify code, select Push Notification and approve on your smart phone OR select enter code, open your Okta Verify app and copy the code in the field.

Note: Okta Verify codes are only valid for a limited time. If you get an error when entering your verification code, you may need to return to your MFA app to get a new 6 digit code.

The Security Key or Biometric Authenticator gives you the ability to pick computer authentication options that you might already be using in your clinic. Some common options are:

Windows Hello  

This authentication method uses a biometric (fingerprint, iris scan, or facial recognition) or PIN. It is enabled for all Windows 10 users. Please see Windows Hello Setup for more information.

Touch ID (Apple Devices Only)  

Much like Windows Hello, Touch ID utilizes a fingerprint as a biometric to authenticate your account. Touch ID is only set up for iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Pro. Please see Touch ID Setup for more information.


This is a physical hardware device (very similar to a USB Stick) and is used as a security token that allows users to add a second authentication factor. Please see for more information.


Authy will allow you to use either your computer or mobile device to set up MFA. It can work offline and is a great option for those wishing to use multiple ways to authorize accounts. Please see for more information.

*Don’t have a smartphone? Click here.